6/24 Larre, Peace, Trance, Meditation (Jackson, Wyoming) Day 2

Our second day in Jackson, Wyoming was going to be eventful due to the party Larre would host as DJ in Second Life that afternoon, so we got an early start by exploring more of the setting of the area. On this day, we would learn more about his deep sensory-immersive experiences, finding peace in both real and virtual worlds.

Jackson is surrounded by mountains used for skiing during the winter. We thought it would be a good idea to go up to get a better perspective of the whole town.



The town is small, especially compared with the impressive geographic features that surround it. Jackson has a population of only about 10,000 people, but it is an important center for tourism during winter and summer. For that reason, contrary to what many would think of such a small town, it has a very healthy economy and its hotels and grocery prices are not very cheap.
Mr. Takeuchi was fascinated by the views from the top of the hill.
Looking out on to the valley, everyone there was in awe.
A lake and snow peaks at the Grand Teton National Park, just a few miles north of the town of Jackson.
Another magnificent view of the national park. Another picture of Mr. Takeuchi in awe.


Dance club setting. Larre has invited many friends, including Kiremimi (Dr. Ikegami’s avatar).
Larry produces his own music. He loves trance music’s repetitive nature, which he says allows people to eventually get absorbed, whether by dance or just listening.
Larry will be using four computers at the same time for the event. On one computer, his DJ avatar will host the party; on another, he’ll play his tracks; and on the third and forth computers, two of his avatars will dance and enjoy the party.
He gives us a tour in which his love for music becomes even more apparent. We see just some of his vinyl records collection (there are records in crates and boxes as well), and learn which albums he is inspired by most.
The vinyl records are not just for listening, but more for creating mixes. This is one of the turntables he uses along with the rest of his music-making hardware.

The party begins.

dancing_007 1
Larre takes his place at his DJ booth in SL.


Larry focused at the beginning of the party. Even though his tracks are prearranged, he does the mixing and scratching live throughout his events, which requires intense attention.
The digital mixing equipment that is plugged into one of his computers.
Larre at his DJ booth, along with two of his avatars dancing on platforms to his right.
Many avatars, like iSkye (seen above) attended the party. In the back, we Cora arrive as her glowing owl avatar, although she didn’t dance very much.
Kiremimi (in white) dancing among many during the party.
All of this was taking place in Second Life while Larry wasalso explaining to the camera why he loves music so much: it immerses and “builds a bubble around him.”
Dr. Ikegami and Larry in both real and in Second Life together.

Right in the middle of the intense DJ party, Dr. Ikegami’s attention was caught by Larry’s use of the word, “peace” to describe his happiness, seeing all the avatars dancing along with his music: Larry feels internal peace in Second Life.

“In such a hyper-world, as a digital DJ handling four computers and a mixer, how can he experience peace?” It was then that Larry and Dr. Ikegami’s conversations began to move into a deeper level of his internal autistic experiences.

Warm portrait with Dr. Ikegami, soon after Larry finished his DJ set.
Larry shows us, on two different screens, two of his avatars that attended the party.
After an hour and a half of Second Life partying, Larry suggested going outside again to get some fresh air. He guided us to a small hill within walking distance from his apartment where he likes to go sometimes on his own. It was a perfect spot to view his side of town.
Larry’s neighborhood.


Larry and Dr. Ikegami having a small talk outside, which became a deep and extensive conversation on direct experiences in real and virtual worlds.
Standing on the hilltop, Larry reflected on the meditative qualities of immersing oneself in a virtual world. That was why he felt “peace” in the middle of conducting the DJ party in Second Life.  Experiential aspects of virtual worlds resonate strongly with Larry’s feelings and sensibilities toward spirituality.
The echos of birds calling each other  through the Jackson valley could be heard on that hill from all around, as if we were on a hill top in a scene in Second Life.It began to be hard to distinguish between  the virtual and the real while Larry and Eiko were immersed into deep conversations.  It was not a philosophical dialogue, but rather a shared travelogue about the sense and feel of the virtual and the real.
Eiko noted: “Larry feels and sees something deep and beautiful in the landscape, different from what I am seeing even though we are facing the same scene. Larry has extraordinary acute senses and memories, primarily visionally, as expressed in his description of exquisite imagery.
“His sensory perceptions are different from mine and so are his  experiences. His autistic lived sense of presence, supported by his profoundly sensitive sensory perceptions, are to a large part bypassing linguistic conceptual narratives, reaching to the depth of human experience in more of a meditative or contemplative way. I really appreciate that he could share and demonstrate his feelings with me so directly, there on that hilltop.” Eiko Ikegami




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