6/19 – Yhouse Fest at IAS (Institute for Advanced Study)

YHouse Fest was held on June 19, at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey.

The NHK crew came to film Dr. Ikegami’s presentation: “Consciousness and Culture in The Age of Diverse Intelligences.”

Yhouse is a non-profit organization, research institute, and unique gathering space (“House”) based in New York City and dedicated to accelerating our understanding of the nature of awareness through cutting-edge science, next-step technology, and multiple areas of thought and insight. Critically, YHouse integrates its research activities with a major program of public discourse, made possible by New York’s status as a hub of diversity, research, education, commerce, arts, and media.

At Yhouse Fest, members of the organization talked about the organization’s research vision as it is currently developing, centered around four key areas of interest, tentatively called modules: biology, social science, technology, and philosophy, all concerned with the origins and nature of cognition.

IAS (Institute for Advance Study) Main Hall. Photo credit: IAS website (https://www.ias.edu)
Opening remarks
Robbert Dijkgraaf, Director of the Institute for Advanced Study, gives the welcome address for the workshop where Dr. Ikegami gave an invited talk.  Dr. Dijkgraaf discussed the founding spirit of the IAS, ” Usefulness of Useless Knowledge”.


White-Levy Room. Photo credits for this page: IAS.
On screen: The Network definition of Publics: focusing on spaces and spheres where communications among identities take place at intersections; coupling and decoupling of networks.




Lively discussions.

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